Abiodun Akinwumi

News Team


Abiodun Akinwumi is a versatile journalist whose skills extend across various facets of the media landscape. He is a News Editor and Reporter at Diamond FM in Ilorin. In addition to his editorial and reporting roles, Abiodun serves as an analyst on both English and Yoruba current affairs programs, offering insightful perspectives on a wide range of national issues.

Abiodun’s versatility also extends to the realm of sports, where he participates as an analyst on the station’s Yoruba sports program, providing engaging discussions on sports-related topics from around the world.

During his tenure at Diamond FM, University of Ibadan, Abiodun served as the station correspondent at the office of the Vice Chancellor. In this capacity, he reported on all events and matters related to the office of the Vice Chancellor, showcasing his attention to detail and commitment to comprehensive reporting.

Beyond his broadcasting roles, Abiodun is a skilled writer, addressing topics such as climate change, youth development, community development, and social development. His written work reflects his dedication to covering issues of critical importance and societal progress.

Abiodun is a connoisseur of good music, with a particular affinity for cultural, old-school, and contemporary songs. His talents and passion for the media make him a noteworthy figure in the field, contributing meaningfully to discussions and insights in the world of journalism and broadcasting.