EMERIBE, Joseph Chidiebere

News Team


EMERIBE, Joseph Chidiebere, also known as Edges, is a seasoned journalist with a wealth of experience in Broadcast Journalism. He anchors the Diamond Breakfast Show and leverages his extensive reporting, editing, and newscasting background to deliver excellent news content in the newsroom.

Prior to joining the Royal Media Group in June 2022, where he assumed the role of News Correspondent and Anchor for the station’s flagship program, “Crime Stopper,” Joseph had already achieved significant milestones in his career. His journey in broadcasting led him to the position of Programmes Head at SBS96.3FM (now SBS96.9FM) in Ilorin.

In the course of his duties with Unilorin89.3FM, Joseph established connections with BBC Media Action, Nigeria. Since 2013, he has served as an Independent Monitor (volunteer) for states as assigned, showcasing his commitment to media and community engagement beyond the confines of his regular roles.

Beyond his journalistic endeavours, Joseph is a dexterous and passionate youth advocate. He holds a Masters in Business Administration and a B.Sc. in Mass Communication, both earned from the prestigious University of Ilorin. This academic foundation, coupled with his practical experience, reflects his commitment to excellence and continuous growth in the field of journalism.