Olanrewaju Ogunniyi



Olanrewaju Ogunniyi, widely recognized by his moniker “Opaebiti,” is a distinguished graduate of Political Science with an impressive track record of over two decades in the radio industry. Opaebiti stands out as a multi-talented professional, leveraging his extensive radio expertise to captivate audiences. Hailing from Iji-isin, he currently lends his skills to Diamond FM in Ilorin, continuing a career that has seen him contribute to both government and private radio stations within and beyond Kwara State.

Opaebiti’s illustrious career has been adorned with numerous accolades, a testament to his versatile abilities. Proficient in casting Yoruba News and hosting a spectrum of shows, including current affairs, special documentaries, discovery, entertainment, as well as informative and educative programs, he has proven his prowess across diverse genres. Beyond his role as a radio presenter, Opaebiti extends his talents to music, comedy, Ewi (traditional Yoruba poetry) exposition, and radio jingle production, showcasing a truly multifaceted persona.

With a passion for radio that echoes in his every endeavor, Opaebiti goes beyond the studio to connect with his audience. His commitment to fostering connections between listeners and their favorite programs is unwavering. Beyond the microphone, Opaebiti enjoys the company of friends and dedicates time to crafting new scripts for his various content offerings.

Opaebiti’s overarching goal is to bridge the gap between listeners and the diverse array of programs he presents. He is dedicated to ensuring that your listening experience is not only enjoyable but also memorable. In the vibrant world of radio, Opaebiti stands as a charismatic figure, ready to make a lasting impact on your auditory journey.