Omonike Babatunde



Omonike Babatunde, widely recognized by her various monikers—Radio Diva, Black Diamond, and Omoni-Vibe—is a distinguished broadcast journalist known for bringing diverse and vibrant energy to the airwaves. Currently, she wears multiple hats as the host of Diamond Moments (a music request show), the Diamond Breakfast Show (a daily breakfast show), and as a news anchor, showcasing her versatility and adeptness in various facets of broadcasting.

Beyond her on-air responsibilities, Omonike is known for her dynamic and engaging presence. Her diverse range of names reflects the different energies she brings to her work, captivating audiences with each persona. Whether casting the news or hosting shows, Omonike consistently delivers content that resonates with her listeners.

Omonike is a fellow of the International Center For Investigate Reporting (ICIR) on Countering Misinformation and Media Literacy Fellowship. Her story, “Emotional Intelligence – A Guiding Ray in halls of Power for Nigerian Women” was published through the project African Women in Media AWIM/Luminate Women in Politics programme. She was recently nominated by Nigerian Media Awards among many other prominent journalists under the category of Best News Presenter.

In her leisure, Omonike is an avid consumer of good music and a fan of K-Dramas, showcasing her appreciation for diverse forms of entertainment. Her ability to balance professional excellence with a passion for leisure activities highlights her well-rounded personality.

Omonike is more than just a broadcaster; she is a bundle of talent, characterized by a relentless pursuit of knowledge, boundless energy, entertaining charisma, unwavering focus, and a keen intellect. Her commitment to continuous improvement and her ability to entertain and inform make her a standout figure in the world of broadcast journalism.