Dr Abu Saeed Attributes Peace Pharmacy Inferno To Electrical Fault

AbdulHafeez Oyewole 2023-08-01 0

The blazing inferno recorded at the Peace Pharmaceutical Industry, Ilorin earlier this afternoon has been attributed to electrical fault that emanated from the factory generator.

Speaking exclusively with Diamond FM Ilorin, the Head of Peace Pharmaceutical Industry, Dr. Abu Saeed said no life was lost to the accident except the Generator and a truck parked inside the factory that were consumed by the fire.

“It (the fire outbreak) was just a slight electrical cut that let to the fire incident and as you can see now that we have been able to suppress the fire. So, it is just a little electrical fault from the generator. Nothing much happened.”

He acknowledged the efforts of the company’s workers in quelling the fire to an extent before the arrival of the fire fighters.

He noted, “The firefighters came a bit late but they’ve done their work and we are grateful to them, because without them, may be definitely the damage would have been multiple times more than what we have. they came a bit late but thank God they did their work when they came.”

All the workers were all up and doing. They rose up to their responsibilities. They were even the one fighting the fire before the firefighters came. To the best of our ability, the workers did very well.”

Dr Saeed commended the adequate security provided by the Police Force which disallow any external intrusion.

Diamond FM news reports that water finished from the Kwara State Fire fighters’ vehicle C625 at about 12:48pm but another water tanker lorry registered Kwara LFF977 XA, brough more water for the fire fighters at about 1:13pm before the later arrival of another Federal fire fighting truck.