Netizens slam killing of elephant by man in military uniform

Nedu Okorie 2023-12-19 0

A video showing the killing of an elephant in the Kala Barge Local Government Area of Borno State, on Monday, surfaced online.

In the video, the man who killed the elephant was alleged to be a military man because he was dressed in military uniform.

He was captured in the video shooting the elephant. Another man looked on as the man in military uniform fired at the elephant while another man in a blue shirt was also seen carrying a gun in the video.

The men in the video, speaking in Hausa Language had alleged the destruction of their farmland by the elephants.

A translation of their claim reads, “This feat we have achieved today, we set out from Gambori, possibly we already came here, we came with our cartridge and everything and we were lucky to have killed two.

“If this kind of effort has been made and you kill two, two ten times by now things would have doused because of the destruction they do us. We are happy today and we applaud those who made this effort.”

However, the number of men and those in the video cannot be ascertained.

The video also shows how the elephant was butchered by the men.

Nigerians on the social media however, condemned the killing of the elephant.

Also, wildlife lovers have condemned the video and called on the military, and the Borno government to probe the act.

Writing on X, a Netizen Gwary said, “Urgent call to end elephant killings in Kala Barge Local Government. Viewer’s discretion is advised. I am writing to bring your attention to a critical issue that demands immediate action – the alarming rate of elephant killings in Kala Barge Local Government.

“The majestic elephants, crucial to our ecosystem, are facing a dire threat that requires our collective efforts to address. Let us stand together in the defence of these gentle giants, protecting them from further harm.”