Police Warns Against Religious Intolerance In Kwara

AbdulHafeez Oyewole 2023-07-28 0

The Kwara State Police Command has advised the people of the State, especially people of diverse religious beliefs, to exercise restraint in expressing grievances whenever they arise.

This advice according to the State Commissioner of Police, EbunOluwarotimi Adelesi became necessary in view of recent happenings between some Islamic clerics and some traditional worshippers popularly called ‘Isese’ in the Ilorin metropolis.

She expressed concern over lots of inciting videos circulating on different social media platforms from both religious bodies threatening fire and brimstone if one thing or the order was not done, bringing into doubt the belief that Kwara State is a State of harmony.

In order to douse the tension, the Police boss invited the two groups to a meeting where both parties were given the opportunity to air their grievances and a middle-of-the ground agreement was reached.

Consequently, both parties were advised to maintain the peace while a lasting solution to the crisis was enabled.

The Police Commissioner also advised the parties to warn their followers posting inciting videos on social media platforms to desist forthwith, noting that Kwara State is a State of harmony, and as such, all hands must be on deck to ensure that every effort must be made to make the state remain so.

To this end, teams of policemen have been deployed to extensively patrol the city and arrest anyone found undermining the efforts of the security agencies to secure the state.

The command, however, emphasised that while the right to freedom of religion as enshrined in the Nigerian constitution is sacred, respect for the culture and tradition of the people in a particular community is also important.